Release Your Inner Masterpiece and Create an Extraordinary Life


Are you:

  • Looking for a creative renaissance in your life and career?

  • Seeking a purposeful life that allows you to tap into your full potential?

  • Contemplating a mid-life career change?

  • Not sure about what to do with the rest of your life?

  • Thwarted in your path to success by obstacles and fears?

  • Enjoying your career but don't know how to achieve mastery?

  • Considering a career or life coach to support you in releasing your greatness?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

We invite you to browse through our website and use the resources provided. We are career and life coaches who have more than 70 years of business experience and seven highly successful career changes between us. Our lives have been purposeful and creative expressions of who we are. In our own career changes, in our business and personal relationships, in coaching hundreds of clients in career change and life issues, and in studying the lives of historical figures we've discovered that there are key principles to achieving creativity and mastery in your career and life.

The individual that stands above the rest as embodying these principles is Michelangelo.

He achieved extraordinary career success in three disciplines: sculpture, painting, and architecture. He lived a life that fit him and allowed him to be fully self-expressed. One of the most respected, brilliant and wealthy masters of the Renaissance, he continued to work productively and passionately until he was 89. The creativity and mastery principles and strategies that worked for Michelangelo can work for you! We call these principles and strategies for releasing your greatness The Michelangelo MethodTM.

Looking for a creative renaissance in your life and career?

Just as Michelangelo looked for greatness inside the blocks of marble he sculpted into great masterpieces of art, your greatness is already inside of you, waiting to emerge. The Michelangelo MethodTM can help you to envision your own life's work, in a career that is aligned with your values, talents, and passions. And The Michelangelo Method can help you to chip away at whatever constraints are holding you back. You can overcome obstacles to your extraordinary career, just as Michelangelo triumphed over the considerable roadblocks in his own career and life.

Enjoying your career but don't know how to achieve mastery?

Even though he was on the right career path, Michelangelo had to persevere and innovate to rise above the journeyman level. The career success principles and strategies of The Michelangelo MethodTM can help you to have extraordinary career success, including recognition, advancement, and financial rewards, while doing work that you love! In mid-life Michelangelo began a career as an artist and architect, and achieved incredible success in those fields as well as sculpture. You can build upon your past careers and life experiences to make a rapid and successful mid-career change using secrets from the Renaissance.

Considering a career or life coach to support you in releasing your greatness?

Michelangelo had mentors to help him to begin a new career and to attain mastery. We are career coaches who can help you as a mentor and as a coach in many professions, including financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals, entrepreneurs, and managers and executives. In addition, we have a network of career coaches carefully built over many years so that we can connect you with a career coach that can help you in achieving career success in virtually any career field. As life coaches we have assisted many people discover their life purpose, live with integrity, enhance their relationships, become more creative, and to be fully self-expressed.

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Ron Paxton & Ken Schuman

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